Chinon France is a special historic place for England and France. It was the home of Henry II and Richard the Lionhearted. This is the location of the famous meeting of the king of France and Joan of arc. It is now mostly in ruins; but, still you get a feeling of what an imposing castle it was. The donjon is where the Knights Templar were imprisoned. This area is also noted for it Wine.

Narrow streets of Chinon
Half timber building
Draw bridge and entrance to castle
Tour de Coudray-Templars donjon 1307
View of Chinon from the Castle and the river Vienne
Tapestry of Joan of Arc meeting the Dauphine 3/8/1429
The Loire Valley of France
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View of  Chinon from the Tower Museum
Joan of Arc museum in entrance tower
City of Chinon from the castle walls