The Vatican is the Pope's palace and a special museum. Emily and I have been here a couple of times. The Sistine Chapel is located in the museum. No one is allowed to take photos in the chapel. Here are a few pictures we took at the museum.

Me and Augustus
Map room Ceiling 1580-83
The view of Rome from Vatican
The map room ... Map of Sardinia 1580-83
Window Decorations
Ceiling decorations
Ceiling painting
Holy Bible front piece
Emily and wall decorations
Virgin and Jesus
Wall decorations


Emily in the open air statuary court
Roman floor mosaic
Ceiling painting
Floor mosaic
Roman villa floor mosaic
Floor mosaic from Baths of Otricoli in Umbria
Round room with Roman statues and mosaic floor
The Bronze statue was struck by lightning and buried on the bank of the Tiber
Me and Egyptian statue
View from the Vatican Museum of Rome
Sister of Constantine Sarcophagus
Mother of Constantine Sarcophagus
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The Map room map of Sicily 1580- 83
The river Nile Roman statue