Roman Colsseum was named for the colossus of Nero located nearby. It was started in 72AD and completed in 80AD. It had eighty entrances and could seat 50,000 spectators. It was not used to torture Christians as  commonly believed. Two thirds of the original building is gone. Here are a few pictures Emily and I made while there.

View from hill above
Emily and me inside the stadium
Original outside of colosseum
Inside structure
Veiw from road leading to the Circus Maximus next to the Palatine Hill
Colosseum area Constantine's arch, entrance to forum and the stadium


Emily in the front of the colosseum
This not the original outside wall
There are a few Roman Solders around
View of the Sacred Way into Forum
Passage way under colosseum
Wall built to stabilize colosseum
Stairs inside of Colosseum
What is left inside of stadium
Tour inside of stadium


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