The Rijksmuseum was being restored and a temporary museum site was located beside the old museum. We saw the best of the collection since the space was limited in the temporary museum. Again, these pictures do not do justice to the paintings.

Emily reading details
Johannes Vermeer/1658
Jan Steen/1658
Johannes Vermeer/1658

The Night watch


Frans Hals and

Pieter Codde

The Meagre Company


Traveling with Emily and Jim
Museums and Sites
Rembrandt 1639

Girl With Dead Peahens

Rembrandt self portrait
 Close-up of the portrait
Jan Steen / 1665

The Feast of Sinterklass

Johannes Vermeer/1663
Rembrandt/ The Draper's Guild
Rembrandt / Jeremiah
Frans Hals / 1630

The Merry Drinker

Johannes Verspronck /1641
Jan Lievans / 1629

Portrait of Rembrandt