Pompeii the city that was buried in 79AD by the eruption of Vesuvius. If you want to see how a city looked in Roman times before the advent of the Roman conversion to Christianity... visit this city.

In line to purchase tickets...
Inside the Basilica... the Roman court
Basalt pavers on a narrow street
Locker dividers in the Baths
Via Stabiana shops and restaurants along the way
The  forum
The birth of Venus this painting is inside of a garden wall
House of the small fountain
Traveling with Emily and Jim
 Arch on Via di Mercurio looking toward Vesuvius
Emily at a bakers oven
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Top of the Roman Amphitheatre
The arena in the Amphitheatre
The large Palaestra with pool on the left inside of wall
One of the sky boxes in the amphitheatre
Middle level of the Roman Amphitheatre
Via di Mercurio looking toward Vesuvius
Emily in front of beautiful wall paintings...
The walls of Pompeii...