Traveling with Emily and Jim
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The USS Arizona Memorial... the ship is still leaking oil and is the lasting resting place of 1,102 sailors... it blew up and sank in 9 minutes...
Battle ship row where the ships of our Pacific Fleet was anchored on December 7, 1941
View from Pearl Harbor with Diamond Head in background
Ships in the docks at Pearl Harbor
Ford island docks at Pearl Harbor
One of the ships that was sunk in the Harbor
Ford island Navy yard with the mountains in the background where more attack planes came over
Emily on top deck of tour boat
The Navy dry docks at Pear Harbor
Ford island is on the right... the attack come from over the mountains in the background to begin the assault

Pearl Harbor the site of the surprise morning attack from the Japanese navy on December 7,1941. We took a tour boat around Ford Island and took these pictures.