The Palatine Hill is the home of the palaces of the  Roman Emperors. It stand above the Forum and the Circus Maximus. It gave the Emperors a birds eye view of all that was happening around them. Emily and I have been here a couple of times on our visits. The Palatine has a small museum and great views of Rome.

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Traveling with Emily and Jim
The City of Rome
Lunch on the Palatine
Garden on top of Palatine Hill overlooking Rome
Flowers in bloom in Emperors Palace
Emperor's private horse track
Under the aqueduct to the Palatine Hill
Building from Septimius Severus 146-211AD
View of the massive buildings serving the Emperors
Another view of the building of Septimius Severus
Taking Video of horse ring
Emily standing on some marble from the buildings

Emily sitting in the middle of the Circus Maximus with the Emperor's viewing building in the background