The Chateau entrance bridge
Chateau's guard's tower
The fireplaces were warm
The Chapel
The Gallery 1576 over the river
Emily liked the spice rack
The Three Graces
The Five Queens Bedroom
The Kings bedroom
Catherine de Medici's Bedroom
Louise of Lorraine's Bedroom
The upstairs Hallway
Catherine de Medici gardens
It was a great day... chilly and foggy... kinda makes the Chateau look spooky
Traveling with Emily and Jim
The Loire Valley of France
France home page
Louis XIV Living Room
the kitchen table
What a nice fireplace in the kitchen

Chateau de Chenonceau (1515-1521) was the home of Francois I. Francois gave it to his Mistress Diane de Poitiers. When Henry II died his widow, Catherine de Medici, took over the Chateau. This  is on the river Cher, actually, it flows under the Chateau. This is Emily's favorite Chateau.