Capri (ka'pri) the island loved by Augustus. Emily and enjoyed it also. It is a bit touristy, but beautiful.

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Traveling with Emily and Jim
View of the island form the ferry
The ferry coming into Marina Grande
Emily thought the man fit the picture
The Harbor of Capri
Our hotel was a short walk from the port
The view of the harbor from our room
The views from the walk way was beautiful
The Park overlooking the sea
Steep cliffs down to the sea
We take a rest in the a park overlooking the sea
Emily gets a famous lemon drink from a stand
Look at the Famous off shore rocks
I Faraglioni
The most famous pizza Restaurant on the Island
The Dinner was great here
Sunrise from our room looking toward Sorrento and Amafi Coast
Emily and me in Naples before boarding the ferry
Vesuvius from the ferry