Troyes, France

This  is a very unique town in France. The old town is shaped like a Champaign cork. It has kept the medieval feel to the old town area. Troyes  old town is full of  half timber buildings. It has a beautiful cathedral and several churches of significance.  We hope you enjoy these pictures.

House and flower pots
Another pretty side street
Main street shopping
Evening glow on main street
A truly narrow alley
Window shopping on another side street
Traffic jam on narrow street
Half timber house skeleton
more half timbered houses
town square and side street
favorite French pastime the carrousel
Well in the small courtyard

Pepper pot towers

Pretty Yellow half timbered house
Hotel de Ville
Main street shopping
A typical side street in Troyes
This is a beautiful hotel
Emily liked this door
Satellite dish aimed sharply
We had breakfast here
Unique half timber building
 Overhang for protection
Small  courtyard shopping area
Narrow alley
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