St. Peter's Basilica is the largest Christian cathedral in the world. This is the second basilica, the first was constructed on the site of Nero's circus in 324 AD by Constantine. St. Peter is buried here in the crypt. It is beautiful, here are a few views of the cathedral. Our hotel was the Star Michaelangelo just around the corner on one of our trips to Rome.


Traveling with Emily and Jim
The City of Rome
The facade designed by Carlo Modeno 1608
The Dome was designed by Michelangelo 1546
Pieta' by Michaelangelo
View of side window
Rain Water flowing off the top
Bernini's Baldacchino 1633
Looking west to the Cathedra
The Cathedra of St Peter
Bernini's to Pope Alexander VII
Holy Water
top of Doors
Swiss Guard in rain uniforms
Bernini's Fountain in the front of St Peter's
View of the Vatican from the front of St Peter's
St Peter
Botton of doors
Rainey day out the front
The Holy Door