This is a trip Emily and I took form Naples to Capri on a ferry...
This is a bus trip from the Invalides to Paris Eiffel tower
with Martha and James McGriff my mother and father


This page contains some short clips of some rides and sites. I hope you enjoy these clips. These clips will take a while to down load.




This is a trip from Soho to our hotel at Sloane Square.
Pompeii: House of Mysteries, this is the most mysterious room in this house. The room art is the most beautiful art in Pompeii. This triclinium is said to be a depiction of the mysterious Greek Dionysus rite.


The year 2000 was a special year the world over and in the city of light on the river Seine it was a spectacular site... spend time with us on this river... this clip will take a time to load. I feel the extra resolution will be worth the wait... night trip on the river.
Take a ride with Emily and me from Sorrento, Italy to Positano on the public bus. The Amalfi coast was beautiful; take the bus, do not rent a car.
Take a Gondola ride with Emily and me with Marco in the Venice canals. Marco explains Casanova to us.
Traveling with Emily and Jim
When Emily and I got to Capri we wanted to to the town Capri. We asked if there was a bus. The receptionist  said the bus was on strike. She said they were running but the drivers were not taking money. Now this is a strike Emily and I could handle. Enjoy this ride on the Capri bus.