Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy was the cities first great basilica built by the Dominican's. The church was started around 1246 it was completed in 1360. It contains the Holy Trinity by Masaccio, considered the first painting to exhibit perspective with a vanishing point at the viewers eye level. You were not allowed to take pictures in the Church but i took a few. It was a beautiful church.


The Trinity by Masaccio 1427
Tornabuoni Chapel
View of Strozzi Chapel
Tornabuoni Chapel
Tornabuoni Chapel
Tornabuoni Chapel
Strozzi Chapel
Filippo Strozzi Chapel
St John raising Drusiana
View of crossing nave
Tornabuoni Chapel screen
Mary and Jesus Shrine
Tornabuoni Chapel
Traveling with Emily and Jim
St Phillip slaying the dragon