Friday March 19,1999

This was our first trip to Rome. If you want a map of Rome think of your hand. The palm form the bottom of the index finger to the thumb is the Via Del Foro Imperial along this is the forum. The thumb is toward the Church of San Giovanni in Laterano. The index finger is the Via Del Corso which goes toward the Plaza Del Popolo. The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and some impressive churches are located off Via Del Corsa. The bottom of your index finger is the Plaza Venezia, this is where the wedding cake monument is located (behind this monument is the forum). Your middle finger is the Via Del Plebiscito this street changes its name along the way, it leads to St. Peters and along the was goes past the Plaza Novona. This street has many beautiful churches along it way. This is the three main streets and areas of Rome history.

Arrive at Rome… Fiumicino airport

Take train to Rome : DIRETTO TO TERMINI This is a train that goes from the airport to the Termini... this worked for us except we had to get our luggage on and off the train. We stayed at the Giobettti Hotel less that a block from Termini. We only took this train this time. It is better to have the vacation deal to include transportation to and form the hotel.

Take tour of COLOSSEUM  This was a very interesting place.

Baths of Dioceletian ( close to termini station) This is now a church, Santa Maria degli Angeli, this is a beautiful church. It gives you a feeling of what a Roman bath was like. The interior was designed by Michelangelo in 1563.


Saturday March 20, 1999

Theather of marcellus

Temple of Bellona

Forum Holitorium (produce market)

Temple of portunus

Forum Boarium ( cattle market)

Arch of Janus

Circus Maximus

Temple of Appollo Palatinus

Temple of cybele

Houses of Liva and Augustus (Palatine hill)

Temple of Elagabalus

Arch of Constantine

Meta Sudans (fountain)

Arch of titus (forum entrance from colosseum)

Temple of Venus and Rome

Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine


Sunday March 21, 1999


Temple of Juno Moneta

Statue of Trajan

Temple of Venus Genetrix

Forum of Caesar

Tabularium (archives)

Temple of Concord

(CAPITOLINE MUSEUM) (9:00AM TO 1:30PM) We enjoyed this museum

Temple of Devine Vespasian and Titus

Temple of Saturn

Arch of Septimus Severus


Bacilica Amilia

Temple of Castor And Pollux

Temple of Devine Julius

Temple of Vesta (Goddress of Fire)

House of Vestal Virgins

Temple of Anotonis and Fuistina

Temple of Devine Romulus

Temple of Peace (Forum of Vespasian)

Forum of Nerva

Temple of Minerva

Forum of Augustus

Temple of Mars Ultra

Forum of Trajan

Markets of Trajan


Monday March 22, 1999

The Vatican museum

THE SISTINE CHAPEL... what a wonderful place

Clemetine Museum (Greek and Roman Art)

Chiaraminti Museum (Classical Art)

Gallery of inscriptions (record of early Rome)

Etruscan Museum

Egytiam Museum

Early Christian Museum

Castle of Santi Angelo ( Hadrian’s Tomb) We did not go to this site on this trip.


Tuesday March 23, 1999

Florence  We took the train to Florence and stayed one day... very beautiful city saw the main sites and churches.

 This is doable but i recomend at least one night and two days. We went back to Florence and stayed 3 days with side trips to Pisa and Siena.


Wednesday March 24, 1999

Naples and the Isle of Capri  We went to the archeological museum then took the ferry to Capri.

( Train to Napoli Mergellina)

Museum of Archeology... Fantastic museum if you like Roman artifacts.

ISLE OF CAPRI... Very beautiful we had a hotel overlooking the bay of Naples.

The Blue Grotto  We did not do this went shopping and toured the town instead... took a small bus to the center of the village.


Thursday March 25, 1999

SORRENTO Went through this town to get on the train to Pompii... we can back on another trip and spent a night in this beautiful town.

Pompii A history bluffs holy grail of roman history. What a wonderful place. My fourth grade teacher went to Pompii and told us about how wonderful it was.

 I never dreamed i would get to go here, i have been here twice... it is very hard to see it in two trips, much less one.


Friday March 26, 1999

Fountain of Trevi We went here at night what a beautiful place to watch the people through there money away.

Pantheon  This is a wonderful place Emily and I had lunch here, it was a beautiful day. Great place to people watch.



Saturday March 27, 1999

VIA APPIA ANTICA (The Appian Way) Did not go and have not been her yet...we just wondered around the city and shopped.

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