Schedule of events

DAY 1 Feb 24 Thursday

We stayed in the Hotel Columbus in front St. Peter's. It was a great hotel. It was an old monastery. 

St Peters (7A – 7P)… P-20  truly beautiful in 2006 we had to walk through metal dectectors
Train tickets To Venice .. make sure you get them a head of the date of travel; and pray there is not a strike on that day
Castel Sant Angelo (9A – 10P)… P-19 This is a beautiful museum the medieval home to the Pope's under siege.
Bacilia San Maria Maggiora (AD 432) (9A- 5P)…P-44 This church also has a Sistine chapel... very beautiful... we were here for service
San Pietro in Vincoli ( MOSES ) (7a-12n/ 4p-7p)…P-44 this church has Michelango's Moses and Peter's chains in it

DAY 2 Feb 25 Friday

Forum and Coleseum and chruches (9A-6P)…P-16 always go here on each trip always a special feeling and place..
Palatine (9a – 6p)…P-16 This is above the forum and the home of the Emperors... must visit.. overlooks circus Maximas
Circus and Boarium forum this is also the home of the church of the drain cover with the face and mouth to stick you hand in
Augustine and Trajan forum (9A-1P) this is across the street form the forum

DAY 3 Feb 26 Saturday

San Maria in Trastevere (first Christian ch) (8a-1p/ 4p-7p)…P-53
Appian Way... Did not go here
Baths of Caracalla (9a – 1p) This was a great place for lunch... gives you some feel of how vast a roman bath was...
St Giovanni in Laterano (GOTHIC)(CONSTATINE) (7a-6p)…P-43 The doors to the curia is on this church...
San Clemente * (built over Ruins) (9a-12n/ 4p-6p)…P-43 there are three layers under this church...must see
Santa Prisca- Mithras Temple Not open

DAY 4 Feb 27 Sunday

Piazza Navona … P-35  this is one of our favorite places in Rome great shops and food
Pantheon (9A-4:30P)…P-34 Have lunch or a meal here on each trip ... We do
Sant Iganzio Di Loyola (8a-12n/ 4p-7p) …P-41 Beautiful ceiling... must see
Santa Maria sopra Minerva (Mich Christ b/ the X) (7a-7p) …P-37 Michelango's Christ here... must see
Gesu (Jesuit church) (6a-12n/ 4p-7p)…P-33... Emily's favorite church in Rome...
San Luigi dei Francesi (3 Caravaggio’s) (8A-N/ 3:30-7P)…P-36 Caravaggio's Mathew painting... must see
Sant Agotino- Caraggio’s Prigrims … P-36 Must see this is a beautiful church...

Trevi fountian… P-41

DAY 5 Feb 28 Monday

Traveling with Emily and Jim
Itineraries of our Trips


We stayed in the Hotel  Concordia on San Marco Square this was a great motel and location.

Venice Great trip beautiful scenery and went through Florence...  had the famous drink at Harry's bar

DAY 6 Feb 29 Tuesday

Venice Gondola ride must do.. it was a great way to see the city... also went to Marino glass factory

DAY 7 March 1 Wednesday

Spanish Steps…P-41 Great place to go for lunch...
Santa Maria del Popolo ( CARAVAGGIO) (7a-n/ 4p-7p)…P-51 Fantastic Church and painting
Ara Pacis…P-49 Did not go
Mausoleum of Augustus…P-49 did not go
Borghese (9A-10P RESERVATIONS PH 0684241607) …P-49 Did not go
Giulia (9A- 7P) Did not go
Galleria de Mod Art (9 to 6:30p) Did not go

DAY 8 March 2 Thursday

Miscellanous stuff