Pisa, Italy of course there is the leaning tower; but, also the Cathedral and the Baptismal that are beautiful. We went on a rainy day on a train from Florence and took a bus to the cathedral. I was a great one day trip.

The Bapistry the other side
Vegetable soup... the Best
Traveling with Emily and Jim
Pisa Italy Cathedral
What is left of the best ravioli
Pisa Italy Cathedral
This is a great restaurant across from the Duomo
The baptistry, Duomo. and Leaning Tower
Emily at Entrance to field of Miracles
Baptistry 1152
Baptistry stained glass
The leaning Tower 1274
Emily in rain and tower
The Duomo a Pisan-Romanesque building
Pisano Marble Pulpit 1260 scene of wise men visit