Note: P=page number in the DK travel guides for Paris and Amsterdam.

           M= Metro line exit closes to site

            Times site open (?a-?b)

When we make an itinerary we may not get to each site; we plan more that we may do.

Paris #5/Amsterdam  This is our 5th trip to Paris, so we are going to some smaller sites not major sites.

Day 1... Delta Flight to Paris

Day 2 Wednesday April 12, 2006

    A. CONCIERGERIE  M=CITE (P-81)( 10A-5P) Did not get to this site

      B. CRYPT ARCHEOLOGIQUE  M=CITE (P-81)(10A-5P)  Did not get to this site

       C. MUSEE GUATAVE MOUREAU M=TRINITE (P-231)(11A-5P)  Great museum

Day 3 Amsterdam    

    A. Train 6:55 from Paris Nord train #9309

    B. RIJKSMUSEUM (P-130) (10A-5P) Under restoration but still great museum

    C. THE REMBRANDT HOUSE MUSEUM (P-62) (10A-5P)  A great museum.

    D. OUDE KERK (CHURCH) (P-68) (11A-5P) (Not open outside was beautiful)

Day 4 Amsterdam

    A. KEUKENHOF GARDENS (P-181) This was great, the flowers were beautiful

            Take the train from Amsterdam to Leiden and Keukenhof express to the gardens (bus 57)

    B. VAN GOGH MUSEUM (P-134) (10a-5p) We went to a concert here at night this is a great museum, no pictures

    C. BOAT TRIP IN CANALS (P-276) This was a great trip; it was about an hour trip

Day 5 Amsterdam

    A. NIEUW ZIJDE SHOPPIND AREA (p-71) We walked from the Railroad station up Kalverstraat street

    B. NIEUWE KIRK (CHRUCH) (charged to get in and no pictures... ok)

    C. TRIP BACK TO PARIS train THALYS #9356 @ 4:56 pm 4 hours

Day 6 Paris Sunday April 16 Easter

    A. NOTRE DAME SERVICE (M=CITE) (P=82) Crowded, but this service was beatiful

    B. ST EUSTACHE CHURCH (M=LES HALLES) (P=114) This is a beautiful church with beautiful windows

    C. MUSEE CARNAVALET (M=ST PAUL) (P=96) Was not open

    D. PLACE DE VOSGES  (M= BASTILLE, ST PAUL) (P 94) This is a beautiful park and square

    E.  MONMARTRE SHOPPING (M=ABBESSES) (P-219) This is full of shops supposed to be bargains?


Day 7 Paris Monday April 17

    A. ST GERMAIN DES PRES (M=ST GERMAIN) (P-138) This is a beautiful church painted columns and windows

    B. ST SEVERIEN (M= ST MICHEL) (P=151) We did not make it to this church


    D. LUNCH AT MAGOTS FAMOUS CAFE we enjoyed this cafe

    E. SHOPPING IN THE LATIN QUARTER Nice shopping here

Day 8 Paris Tuesday April 18

    A. THE LOUVERE (M=PALAIS ROYAL/LOUVRE)(P 122/129) We visit this museum every time in Paris    



Day 9 Paris Wednesday April 19

    A.  MALMASON (M= DEFENSE THEN BUS 258)(P-255) This was a great museum, wonderful...

    B.  EIFFEL TOWER (RER= CHAMP DE MARS)(P 192) End our trip here always, leave to pack for trip home

Day 10 Trip home

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