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London Agenda

 This was a trip we made with my mother and father, son and daughter-in-law, and sister and brother in law. This is the closest I have come to being a tour guide. The agreement was if any one did not want to follow the attached agenda Emily and I had they could go there own way.

 Nov 21 Wed … flight to London… Hotel … The Royal National mp-5

The National Hotel was ok … it was more like a American hotel, and large.


Nov 22 Thur…

Itineraries of our Trips
Traveling with Emily and Jim


 The British Museum (10a-5p) [russell squar]  mp-13 a-126 This museum was just around the corner, it is world famous and a must see. Entry is free and you can make pictures.

 Sloane Museum (10a-5p) [holborn] mp-14 a-136 /entry charge/ no pictures/ a time capsule of a famous man/ very interesting.

 Courtauld Institute (10a-6p) [aldwych] mp-14 a-137 NO GO

Old Curiosity shop … shoe shop now [holborn] mp-14 a-137 a closed building but great to have your picture made with it as a back drop.

 Dinner at Covent Garden Pub [covent gardens] mp-13


Nov 23 Fri

 Train to Portsmonth  NO GOwent back to the British Museum.


Nov 24 Sat


 Portobello road flea market (7a-5p) [ladbroke grove] [noting hill gate] mp-9 a-215 My mother and father enjoyed this flea market. We have been here each time we have gone to London… very good.

 Kinsingston Palace (9:30a-5p) [noting hill gate] mp-10 a-206 NO GO

Apsley House (11a-5p) [hyde park corner] mp-12 a-97 This is a great little museum… Duke of Wellington’s house… great collection of paintings and furnishings

Wallace Collection (10a-5p) [bond st] mp-12 a-222 NO GO

Buckingham palace [st james park] mp-12 a-94-5 Watched the changing of the guard… nice

Harrolds (10a-7p) [knightbridge] mp-11 a-207 Have been here each time we have gone to London a must.

Dinner at pub in kinsingston ..


Nov 25 Sun


Church at Westminster (8am) [westminster] mp-13 a-76 We attended service here. This is to us a must do. No pictures allowed

Boat trip to Greenwich NO GO

 Nov 26 Mon

 Train to Canterbury Cathedral and Dover coast

 Canterbury (9am-5p) {a-172-3}  We went to evning song here and toured the cathedral. Pictures are allowed but not during evening song,

Dover {a-169} We went to see the cliffs before we went to Canterbury.  They were ok.

 Nov 27 Tuesday

 Train to York (purchased the tickets the day before the trip)

                York Minster (7a-6p) {a 392-5} this is a fantastic town with many medeval shops. The Cathedral is a must see. You can make pictures if you purchase a permit. Evening song was beautiful.

 Nov 28 Wednesday

 Tower of London (9a-5p) [tower] mp-16 a-154-7 this is a must see the oldest castle in England

St Pauls (8:30a-4p) [st pauls] mp-15 a-148-51 Beautiful… visit crypt / no pictures

Museum of London  (10a-5:50 p) [moorgate] mp-15 a-166 NO GO

Westminster night tour [westminster] ( 7:45p)  mp-13 a-76 No longer have this tour


Nov 29 Thursday

 Tate Gallery old and new ( 10a-5p) [pimlico] mp-21 a-82-5 NO GO

National Gallery (10a-6p) [charing cross] mp-13 a-105 this is a must see no charge/ no pictures

National Portrait Gallery (10a - 6p) [charing cross] mp-13 a-102 a  must see / no pictures

We always eat lunch at St. Martin in the Fields… Great lunch place.


Nov 30 Friday

 Flight home