Moreau died in his bed
China collection
His dinning room   
The Study off his room

Gustave Moreau (1826-1896) a unique painter. His paintings are dream like scenes with mystical characters.

This page includes pictures of his home and studio in Paris. This is a very beautiful home and studio and well worth a couple hours visit.




Moses on Holy Ground
View of ground floor studio
Jupiter and Semele
The Apparition
Guard's feet... and studio view
Jupiter and Semele (1895)
Prometheus  (1868)
View of downstairs' studio from stairs
Upstairs' studio
Museums and Sites
Traveling with Emily and Jim


Moreau's study off his bedroom
This beautiful stairway in his studio
Leda close-up
Wall  layout of paintings
The Suitors begun 1852-60
Moreau's mother and father