Bourges Cathedral of St. Etienne is the first to be built in the Gothic style south of the Loire valley (1195). This is a beautiful cathedral and its crypt is above ground. This was a special cathedral for Louie VII and Charles VII. The stained glass is on a link listed below.

The Last Judgement 1240
Top: Christ Judgment, middle: St. Michael weighing virtues and vices, below: the damed in hell
West Entrance
The Nave 1210
museum in the crypt
Entrance to the Crypt
Recumbent statue of the Duke Jean de Berry (15th century)
South tower built to prevent the West front tower from callapseing
The flying buttresses and outside design of the Cathedral
Holy Sepulchre Group 1540
Close up of the Group
The Loire Valley of France
Traveling with Emily and Jim
Bourges Cathedral stained glass