Arles was one of the most significant cities outside Italy during the 2cd century BC. This is a great town to visit and of course Vincent Van Gogh painted his most famous pictures while living in Arles. Most all sites of interest are in walking distance of each other.  Emily and I spent a day here, it is truly a beautiful town filled with sites from the roman past. Links to other sites in town at bottom of this page.

Lunch at the Cafe Van Gogh OK food; but, oh! the atmosphere
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St-Trophime in Arles
Constantine baths in Arles
Provence and the South of France
View from the roman arena
Top of the roman arena
Inside the roman arena walls
Inside the roman arena
Emily and the two widows
The roman theater

The roman theater
The old roman forum
Constantine's bath
The roman forum is the town center, where Emily and I had lunch (this picture was taken during lunch)