Amiens Cathedral, located in Amiens, France the capital of Picardy. This is the tallest complete cathedral in France. It was 1220 and was completed in 1266. Emily and I took a train from France, walked straight to the cathedral, went to one gift shop in front of the cathedral and back to Paris. It was a great one day trip. Here are some pictures of the cathedral.

West Front 1220-1236
Flying buttresses and chapels of the chancel from outside
Flying buttresses and side of chancel
West Portal Statues
15 century bibical story statues
labyrinth 1288
Nave toward East
Looking East
Rose Window above West Front
Shrines of Mary and Saints
15th century story of Jesus
John Baptizing Jesus
Here is Johns' Head
Crossing 140 feet from floor
Traveling with Emily and Jim
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Amiens Cathedral Stained glass
chance and East Windows
Sheba, King Soloman, Heriod and the wise men